Ameritek International has a highly skilled and experienced team of managers whose backgrounds span a variety of industries.

Donovan Kostron

Founder and CEO

Donovan founded Ameritek International in 1998. Under his leadership, Ameritek has grown into one of the premier sourcing supply chain companies of the Midwest. Donovan’s 20+ years of functional supply chain planning, operations, customer service and systems implementation experience have led him to become regarded as a supply chain visionary and thought leader, primarily focused on operational improvement, large scale transformation and enabling information technology strategies.

Brian Kempski

New Business Sales Manager

At Ameritek, Brian is responsible for new business development and sales management. He has a passion and instinct for developing businesses and creating results-driven sales forces. He enjoys creating an environment where teams can grow and individuals can perform productively and proudly. As an expert in Identifying and resolving the internal and external roadblocks that inhibit opportunities and growth, Brian develops and leads teams and organizations to winning strategies.

With experience in senior level sales management and his extensive engineering background, including his Master of Engineering degree, Brian is uniquely qualified to build domestic, global, and distribution sales channels. Brian is the eternal optimist, always believing there is a way to complete the task and achieve the goal.

Mike Miller

Global Sourcing Manager

As Global Sourcing Manager at Ameritek International, Mike is responsible for managing materials organization while utilizing his collaborative leadership skills to drive success. His strength lies in his breadth of experience in developing innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing competitiveness, increasing revenues, and improving customer service offerings, as well as his specific expertise in helping customers meet critical business requirements and identifying deficiencies and potential opportunities.

With over 30 years of experience in materials and procurement management, operations management, ERP systems and implementation, costing/financial analysis and system engineering strategies, Mike embodies our mission of delivering Performance driven solutions.