We know components and assemblies, supply chains—and the corporate executives charged with managing them. We realize conventional strategies and approaches often don’t work anymore.

At Ameritek, we do more than infuse your sourcing needs with speed and efficiency, we can infuse global opportunities into your entire organization. Over the years we have built strong alliances and strategic partnerships worldwide. These longstanding partnerships deliver a vast array of manufacturing solutions that help our clients improve their business operations and processes.

Our team is comprised of experienced experts in global best practices for supply chain management, and they can help you to develop a strategic roadmap to navigate today’s increasingly dynamic and evolving global marketplace.


As trusted supply chain experts, we help our clients devise sourcing strategies that truly create competitive advantage and generate positive ROI from their supply chains.


Focusing on cost containment to help improve your company’s bottom-line results, we continuously evaluate your sourcing environment to identify opportunities to reduce costs.


Improve your products quality with fixed tooling and repetitive manufacturing methods that ensure consistent product quality and production schedules.


With over 100 years of international supply chain management experience, our sourcing experts provide all of the services necessary to achieve cost effectiveness and improved profitability, improved safety performance, optimized service output and continuous improvement.


Defining performance standards can be better accomplished with a single-source solution. The result is a clear vision of what is expected and from that an optimal level of ease, convenience and service will lead to long-term benefits.

We take care of:

  • Sourcing and Communications
  • On site factory audits – social and quality
  • Design and technical project reviews
  • Logistics and planning
  • Insurance
  • Currency exchange
  • Freight and consolidation
  • Inspections and testing
  • Warehouse and distribution
  • Packaging, Assembly, Kitting, Labeling and more…
  • Clearing customs
Ameritek is uniquely qualified to deliver exceptional sourcing solutions that will improve and transform your business and deliver sustainable business value.